Making Your Marque

The way in which your business or organisation presents itself, can have an important bearing on its success. Audiences today are visually-aware. Logotypes and icons can enable people to immediately identify a specific company or association, through chosen shapes, colours and typography.

The creation of a unique marque, that represents you, is one of the key elements in establishing your visual branding. Whether applied to social media platforms, stationery, signage or vehicle livery, the purpose of your symbol is to immediately connect with your chosen target-market.

Visually Capturing You

When establishing the visual branding for a client, the challenge for [gawr-juhs] is always how to represent them as a simple motif. It’s only by meeting you, chatting to you, reading your brief, and understand where you’re going, that I can embark on this creative process.

Building Your Brand

The icons and visual signatures that I develop for my clients may look simple, but in reality can be quite complex in their construction and design. Geometry and strong use of contrasting colours are often employed to provide maximum impact. Font and typeface choices are always complimentary.