Keeping You In The Picture

The phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words has never been more relevant than at this particular moment in time. As a society, we’ve become more image-conscious in our ‘selfie’ world, and we’ve developed an insatiable appetite for visually-rich publications and websites.

Photography is a major ingredient of our modern lifestyles. Without the requirement for darkrooms or chemical processing, everyone has been empowered to capture people, places and objects – using our smart phones, tablets and digital cameras.

Photos Aren’t Taken

When you’ve invested a substantial amount of time and money into developing your products, don’t let poor images ruin that outlay. I have expertise in styling and photographing products for myself and for my clients. Let me help you show off your merchandise to its full advantage.

They’re Created

Whether you require staff portrait photos, interior or exterior shots of your workplace, or even 360º images of your products, then [gawr-juhs] can assist you with these too. I have strong links with several professional Scottish photographers, who I’ve worked with, and am happy to recommend.