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Traditionally the design of the Dee Two Collection catalogue has been scheduled to take place before the end of a year. But with many 2021 trade shows and exhibitions cancelled, because of COVID lockdowns and our uncertain future, the production of this publication wasn’t so intense this time around. I took full advantage of this little luxury, and spent more time photographing their expanding, and popular, DeeTail DUO range of bags and accessories.

It also gave me an opportunity to source a new lithographic printer, as our previous supplier became another casualty of the global pandemic. So sad, as we’d established such a good working relationship with them over many years. However Panda Print, in Dunfermline, were also known to me, and they were happy to accommodate this project for us. Judging from the brochures delivered to Dee Two, in Stockport, the high print quality of their catalogue has been maintained – which makes everyone happy.

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